Wellpod Team™

What is a “WellPod Team™”?

Taken from the “Whale Pod” terminology meaning, A group of whales is commonly referred to as a pod and a pod usually consists a group of whales that have bonded together either because of biological reasons or friendships developed between two or more whales.

A “WellPod Team™” consists of “Likeminded” collaborating “Wellness Healthcare Providers” who have one common bond, to help their patient achieve “total wellness of health” utilizing the latest and newest research and technology information combined. A “WellPod Team™” of “Wellness Healthcare Providers” are from the two communities-Dental and Medical community.

Swimming in the same direction “WellPod Team™” members are “Likeminded” collaborating “Wellness Healthcare Providers”. They support the other “Wellness Healthcare Providers” who are on your “WellPod Team™” to help you achieve your customized total wellness health destination. Your “WellPod Team™” is “Likeminded” collaborating in reviewing your “Tangram Oral Systemic Inflammatory (OSI) Thermogram Report™” producing your customized Tangram “OSI Score™”.

Why create a customized “WellPod Team™”?

You are your own “Best Doctor” paying attention to your daily early warning signs and symptoms of your wellness health changes over time is very important.

By customizing a “WellPod Team™” members of “Likeminded” collaborating “Wellness Healthcare Providers” swimming in the same direction, you will now be able to achieve your customized “Magic Wand” dental and medical wellness health Tangram “OSI Score™” destination.

Your “Tangram OSI Thermogram Report™” helps give your “WellPod Team™” members a guideline-a GPS, collaborating to map out your much-needed customized wellness treatment plan to gain a healthier Tangram “OSI Score™”.

How to create a customized “WellPod Team™”?

There are 3 types of categories recommended to create your very own “WellPod Team™” members. Choose each of your “Wellness Healthcare Provider” team members in one of these 3 categories! Make sure each “WellPod Team™” member’s desire is to help you achieve your dental and medical wellness health “Magic Wand” combined Tangram “OSI Score™”.


Someone who assesses the current health of your chemical systems inside your body. For example, areas like your cells, blood, and organs, glands and teeth.


Someone who assesses the current health of your mechanical systems inside your body. For example, areas like your skeletal structure, bones, joints, muscles and teeth.


Someone who assesses the current health of your electrical systems inside your body. For example, areas like your nerves, senses, emotions, mental and teeth.

Once you have your “WellPod Team™” members chosen, make sure to start your very own Tangram “Wellness Health Bible™”. Why? Because it gives you easy access to past, present and future knowledge empowerment about your very own Wellness Healthcare.


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